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Musculo-Scheletal Ultrasound School

The Musculo-Skeletal-Ultrasound School was established 20 years ago by Giuseppe Monetti, who still runs it.
Monetti is a diagnostic radiology specialist and has been given the C.E.E. European Clinic Ultrasound diploma in 1986.

Today he runs the Ultrasound Imaging Department (XR- Ultrasound - Computer Tomography and MRI) of a Villa Nigrisoli.

He has been a chairman in more than 500 national and international conferences and meetings. He is author of more than 400 articles and 5 books on Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound and Integrated Imaging (the last one of which has been translated in both English and Spanish). Today he is a Teaching Professor at the University of Bologna.
He is associated with Sirm (Italian Society of Medical Radiology) and with the Skeletal Radiology (actually counselor until 2008) and Sports Medicine sections. Of this last one he has been counselor and foundation member as well.

The Ultrasound School benefits from the experience and know how that Monetti has gained in more than 20 years of dedicated work in the field. In his curriculum, among the other achievements: Official Ultrasound specialist for the Soccer World Cup in Italy in 1990.
The main goal of the school is training the doctors who attend it to their best, focusing on subjects that range from basic knowledge to the most recent topics concerning anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and musculoskeletal apparatus pathology.
All the courses include lessons on theory, practical training with ultrasound equipment and debates based on videotape case histories.
Moreover, thanks to the introduction in the clinics of a sophisticated system of telemedicine of Ebit Sanità, the trainee can connect to the system and share opinions, or search for advice in real time.
The School site has been specifically designed to offer a chance for dialogue and debate to the fellow doctors, and all the relevant news concerning the school itself and the meetings organized during the year. Moreover there will be a regular exchange between Monetti and the fellow Doctors Antonio Bouffard and Marnix Van Holsbeeck, who run the Imaging Diagnostic Department at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.