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Giuseppe Monetti

Nowadays, the musculo-skeletal-tendineous-articular apparatus can be considered a real battle field where imaging techniques fight for supremacy.
From traditional radiology, to Computerized Tomology, to MRI, the diagnostic panorama offers a number of different approaches, some of them overlap and some are complementary.
The wide interest we witness today for integrated diagnostic is pointed out by the number of publishing initiatives coming out every day: from specialized magazines to informative bulletins.
Ultrasound sonography is present in this medical and diagnostic field, as could be, if I may, a salad dressing that could go with any vegetable available in the kitchen!
But the role of sonography does really have a diagnostic utility? Or is it only a fashionable and temporary tool?
No doubts that in the fields of musculo-tendinous and osteo-articular diagnostics the competence of the operator has to be optimal. A good experience is needed, especially if it has grown in areas that allow the testing and comparing the images with the real anatomy, which can also stimulate a growth in the personal sensitivity of the operator.
Who better than the fellow colleague Monetti could have the right stimulus to put into written words his overload of experience?
It has been years since he started his commitment with this specific subject, and he is one of the few authors who really believe in the actual potential of ultrasound sonography in this delicate field.
His text shows in a concise way the different perspectives of Ultrasound.
For the "believers" is a good text book, for the skeptics a good mean to change their minds.
Read to believe!

Prof Massimo Bazzocchi
Radiology Chair
University of Udine